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#RealTeamDope album http://awe.sm/r5hmM released Friday March 21, 2014
Your album is live on iTunes right now! 
Album title: ALL or NOTHING
Number of songs: 22
Here's the iTunes link:

<![CDATA[The New Tune City]]>Sun, 16 Mar 2014 23:52:01 GMThttp://atesadvertisingagency.weebly.com/advertising-stuff/the-new-tune-cityHello Family and Friends,
I wanted to update everyone on the latest news regarding the TuneCity platform. I met with Amos Bracewell(Co-Founder) and Mark Hackman(new Master Distributor) a while ago and this is what they passed on to me regarding the new platform I think you'll like it. First and foremost Mark and Amos have agreed to set up a more lucrative commission structure for everyone(details to follow). The issues I had with not providing UPC/ISRC codes for products placed on the TuneCity sales platform as an artist have been resolved. Everything that was good about TuneCity will be carried over to the new platform. If you have already signed up as an artist or distributor your profile will just be carried over to the new platform upon it's launch. Which by the way is now scheduled for the beginning to mid April(and everything is on schedule). The exciting news is that the new platform will now be a place for "Independent Everything" ie. Music, Movies(Videos), Books, Games, Apps. What this means is as an Independent Distributor you will now be able to make money from sales of not just music but these other products as well placed on the site by Independent Content Creators of Books, Movies, Games, Apps and of course Music. I hope everyone can see the unlimited potential. There will also be a name change when we launch the new platform. So stay tune and you can start recruiting your independent distributors now so that when we launch you'll be ready and in the upper echelon of the group. For all that are signed up already you are in the right place at the right time. For those that are getting this correspondence from me and are not signed up already I have you in mind and will be sure to let you know when you can sign up under the new platform. This really is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to be on the ground floor of something with huge possibilities.
Thank You In Advance For Your Time And Consideration!
Franz The Hybrid One Ates
Metal 2 Music Distro]]>
<![CDATA[Dreams Can Become Realities Live Interview]]>Sun, 16 Mar 2014 23:51:26 GMThttp://atesadvertisingagency.weebly.com/advertising-stuff/dreams-can-become-realities-live-interview
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<![CDATA[Joining Metal 2 Music Distro]]>Tue, 07 Jan 2014 19:04:43 GMThttp://atesadvertisingagency.weebly.com/advertising-stuff/joining-metal-2-music-disro Associated Artist and Friends  I want you to take a look at the New Website and the instructions below to add another Revenue Stream for you, MAKE MONEY FOR BUYING THE MUSIC YOU WOULD BY ANYWAY and HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME! it is FREE to join and they Pay Royalties directly to you 
and you will also be able to earn in a couple different Avenues, which the video on the landing page will discuss. 
http://metal2musicdistro.tunecity.com/  We also can earn by bringing Music Lovers/Independent Artists/Distributors to the Site and the more People the more opportunity to Sell Music, keep in mind that Tune City 
is growing and it is Global.Like Metal 2 Music Records is expanding it’s Global Presence, so is this new avenue for income called Tune City. M2M is constantly researching potential entities that can bring it and you 
an additional income stream. This site offers extremely high potential to do just that.
Franz Ates
Metal 2 Music Records
​Distributor​ FAQ:
How do I sign up as an Distributor?
You would have probably heard about Tunecity from someone. We call those people “Sponsors”. So lets start by going to their personal Tunecity website.>https://metal2musicdistro.tunecity.com .Go to that website. 
Write down this IMD # 1163501 for later use. If, however, the person who shared Tunecity with you gave you their IMD # (1163501) instead of their website, keep that number handy and we will show you where to put 
it in the form so that they get the credit for sharing the site with you.
Roll over "Join" on the menu at the top of the site.
A Link for "Distributor" will pop up. Click on "Distributor".
Enter your account information: user name, email address , password, first and last name, Your Distributor/Company name, Distributor Story/Biography (Bio: Text Box; you can re-size the entry form to better view the text you've entered. Left click on the lower right hand corner of box to make larger) to upload your Distributor (AKA Mugshot) profile photo (the image must be a jpg, gif with the dimensions of 300px by 300px).
Enter your mailing address: street address, city, state or province, country, and zip (U.S.) or postal code (Canada).
Enter your contact information (these fields are optional): mobile phone number, other phone number (if applicable), record company, distribution company, personal manager, and management company.
Final Steps: enter the distributor ID# of the person that referred you to TuneCity. Read the Distributor agreement and check the "I Agree" box when you are ready.
Click on "Register" at the bottom.
If all steps were completed successfully, you will be brought to a new page indicating that your registration was successful.
We are very much looking forward to seeing your success at Tunecity!

Franz Ates